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Dream of Becoming a Professional Cartoonist?

Get Your Cartoons PUBLISHED and EARN $$$

(With tuition from world-famous cartoonist, Lou Darvas!)

What if you could...
  • Create professional cartoon strips and characters in minutes!
  • Earn a luxurious living doing what you enjoy most... drawing!
  • Draw caricatures of friends, or sell them on eBay for big profit
  • Submit to ANY newspaper and get published, TODAY!
  • Enjoy the fame of being a well-known and published cartoonist

We GUARANTEE to turn this into reality!

This letter may just change your life.

I'd like to tell you about a few secret techniques that will turn you into a professional, published cartoonist within just THREE MONTHS. And it doesn't matter how good or bad your current drawings are.

READ ON. I GUARANTEE this site will turn you into a PRO!

If you've ever seriously sat down to draw your own cartoons, you'll know it's incredibly difficult.

Friends and family will smile and compliment your work, but you secretly know it just isn't good enough. If you submitted THIS to a local newspaper or any of the big markets, it'd get rejected. Maybe you're even holding back because you don't want to embarrass yourself. You feel your characters are flawed. Your cartoon hands are unrealistic.

You don't have that "knack." It just doesn't FLOW.

Every budding artist reaches that point. They want to snap out of amateurish doodling and into the world of being a PROFESSIONAL CARTOONIST.

Well, let me tell you something...

There are BIG DRAWING SECRETS you still have to learn!

Techniques that only a few people teach, yet everybody wants to know. Tricks that will enable you to become an expert literally within days.

Thankfully, you've connected with one of the few ELITE sites that teach these methods... and there's a REASON for it.

There's a Chinese proverb: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

This is YOUR chance to discover how to MASTER the world of drawing cartoons... and MAKE YOUR FORTUNE... with....

"Draw Cartoons Today!"
A course by Lou Darvas

Introducing the Master Cartoonist

Lou Darvas is one of the nation's most prolific cartoonists. If you've ever picked up a newspaper, you've probably seen one of his cartoons.

Lou has appeared in the all the nationals and a large number of internationals. His sports cartoons are currently being exhibited at a large number of galleries throughout the USA. And his own personal wealth and fame means he no longer has to rely on work to earn a living.

Lou DRAWS because he ENJOYS it. His personal wealth is counted in MILLIONS.

Imagine the ideal cartoonist lifestyle... working the hours you want, demanding the money you want, with all the fame you want. That's the lifestyle of Lou Darvas. His news feature drawings, back page cartoon strips and political cartoons have all taken their part in the history books.


And he has SECRETS he wants to share with YOU...

Become a Pro Cartoonist in Twelve Easy Steps!

What if you could receive tuition from one of the world's greatest cartoonists?

Would that put you ahead of the crowd?

What if Lou Darvas promised to teach YOU secrets that no other cartoonists will share? Techniques that could CHANGE the whole way you looked at drawing. Techniques that could turn around your work in a matter of minutes. Techniques that would STOP you WASTING TIME with other methods!

Well, Lou Darvas wants to show you tricks that will guide you from amateur to PRO in just TWELVE easy steps... All in his new course, "Draw Cartoons Today!" And it's ONLY available online from this site, www.draw-cartoons-today.com.

Lou Darvas will show you ALL his little-known tricks, including...

   How to "loosen up" and QUICKLY turn your doodles into cartoons (page 3)
   Creating a comic character in seconds - even if you can only draw stick figures! (p 38)
   How to create a complete comic figure, from early sketch to polished drawing (page 46)
   EARN a FORTUNE and become the center of every party, by creating caricatures (page 98)

   The comic head and the THREE SECRET WAYS to draw them! (page 11)
   The difficult "hand"... and how to use progressive drawing to make it simple! (page 27)
   How to create your own LIVELY comic strip (page 112)
   How to draw animals (p65) - and make a fortune in the niche world of animal sketching!

   "Stock types" and why they are a cartoonist's BEST FRIEND (page 78)
   Why most artists misunderstand "perspective"... and the secret to using "VP" (p 88)
   How to create professional comic lettering and voice bubbles  (page 97)
   A STEP-BY-STEP METHOD of creating "Gag Panel" cartoons (page 102)

   Discover the tricks to making your pictures come ALIVE (page 51)
   Getting to grips with sports cartoons - and how it made Lou Darvas famous! (page 122)
   How to draw political cartoons that'll make the history books (page 136)
   How you can make BIG MONEY with newspaper feature drawings (page 144)

This TWELVE STEP GUIDE to success will show you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a professional cartoonist in literally minutes. And it's JAM-PACKED with content. The course includes an amazing 1028 hand drawn illustrations and 174 pages of quality content. It even includes contributions for top cartoonists such as George Wolfe, Haff Nelson, Frank O'Neal, and H.M. Talburt.

If you're even REMOTELY interested in drawing cartoons -- for fun or profit -- then you MUST HAVE this book.

Miss it and you're missing out on a mass of BIG SECRETS!

YOUR FREE GIFT, from Lou Darvas!

Not only does Lou Darvas want to teach you ALL of his secrets, he ALSO wants to give you a TOTALLY FREE GIFT.

When you decide to try the exciting "Draw Cartoons Today!" course, you'll receive a BONUS "Cheat's Guide" to submitting your work to the top industry markets, as part of step 12.

No longer will you wonder WHERE to submit your cartoons: inside this course, we've included EVERYTHING you need to get started in the quickest time possible. You'll discover:

   Why you should NEVER follow newspaper submission guidelines
   Exactly how to promote your talents for MAXIMUM success!
   The TWO secret industry "Bibles" that you absolutely MUST own

   Where you can find FULL contact details for EVERY newspaper & magazine!
   How to get your cartoons printed on t-shirts and mugs, with FREE previews!

   Make BIG MONEY by discovering how to SYNDICATE your cartoon
   How to write HILARIOUS cartoon gags, with the help of one little-known industry book

PLUS, the section also covers industries you may never even have considered... including drawing for comics, making it big as a children's illustrator, the huge greetings cards business, selling your caricature work on eBay, and MUCH MORE!


When Charles Schulz started drawing Snoopy back in 1950, he had nowhere NEAR as much inside information as this. Today, his estate reaps in over TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS a year with his simple characters.

Couldn't that just as well be you?

Read What Others Have to Say

Interested? Here's a little feedback from our mailbag, from users that have been trying the course over the past few weeks:

>> "Amazing work. I can't believe how my drawing has really come along within the past five days.
>> PLEASE, keep spreading the word about this course. More people need to know about it!"
>> - George Pascual, Brooklyn, NY

>> "This course is so inspirational. The cartoon drawings are wonderful. And the crazy thing is
>> that I'm starting to draw like that. Wow!!!!!"
>> - Felicia Satterfield, Verdun, Canada

>> "I just got my second cartooning contract. The first was with a local paper, but as Lou says
>> (method).... so I had no problem with my second. I'm now getting syndicated in England!"
>> -
Samuel Zucker, Beaver, PA

>> "I always wanted to draw caricatures. I'm now selling them locally and over the Internet.
>> I only do it part-time, but people are fascinated... I'm making MORE on this than my day job!"
>> - Dorothy Kuhl, Carlisle, United Kingdom

>> "I don't want to tell you sirs how much I'm earning from your course. It's so REAL, I love it.
>> I printed out my copy and have it with me always. I'm now syndicated throughout France!!!!!!!"
>> - Jean-Philipe Nardeau, Boulogne, France

>> "Just started drawing cartoons for a local soccer magazine. It's going great!
>> I am so lucky to have found this information. You guys rock!"
>> -
Val Galvan, Santa Rosa, CA

Get YOUR Copy Before Midnight,

Interested in letting Lou Darvas turn you into a professional cartoonist... in 12 EASY steps?

Who wouldn't be. Even if you have NO interest in drawing whatsoever, it would be an honor to train with such a master of his art. But it'll cost, right? Our very CHEAPEST course cost is typically $149.95.

However to celebrate our NEW updated version, we're making the course available for JUST $19.95... if you purchase before . PLUS, you get the totally FREE "Cheat's Guide" too.

I challenge you to find a best-selling cartoonist willing to give you just FIVE MINUTES of his time for that price. And here, you're getting the full skills of Lou Darvas teaching you how to become a professional cartoonist, in twelve jam-packed steps... FULL of SECRETS you won't find anywhere else!

But it gets BETTER.

The course ALSO comes with a FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:

   Our GUARANTEE: We GUARANTEE that'll get your cartoons professionally published within just three months of following the advice of Lou Darvas.
Or you get your money back. There are no catches and no hidden fees.

   If you aren't a TOTAL SUCCESS using these techniques, we'll refund
every last cent you paid. No questions asked.

We're only offering this course for a LIMITED PERIOD, so if you want to claim our special $130 discount offer, then click on the following link RIGHT AWAY:

  Yes, I want to become a professional cartoonist! 
Click HERE to purchase the course at $19.95

Access details will be delivered via email immediately after purchase.

Access details for the course will be delivered to you INSTANTLY, via email. No more waiting for the mail!

REMEMBER, this course is not available ANYWHERE else. And if you leave now, you'll miss our special offer... and maybe miss out on an exciting career as a famed, professional cartoonist.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP... and change your life, starting TODAY.

Discover this new course and find out just what you've been missing!

Thank you for your time,

Dan Strauss, Course Director
Draw-Cartoons-Today.com, Global Writing Network

PS. This course is seriously exclusive. It's NOT available in stores and you CANNOT buy it from anywhere except this site. So if you want to develop your talents and become an absolutely AMAZING cartoonist, click here to grab your copy!

PPS. Remember our guarantee: we PROMISE you'll become a published cartoonist within three EASY months, when you follow this 12-step guide. If you don't, you get ALL your money back. No quibbles. Click HERE to take the challenge that could change your life!

PPS. Oh, did I mention? ... Lou Darvas created every single drawing on this Web page! Buy the course!


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